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08.11.2013 Over klantvriendelijkheid dus...

Elke keer als ik terugkom van een trip naar de US en hier een winkel binnenstap, heb ik zin om meteen weer buiten te gaan. In 90% van de gevallen lijkt het of je lucht bent. Tocht omdat de deur openstaat ? Geen “Goeiemorgen.” of “Hallo”.

Hang je 10 minuten rond, dan kan het zijn dat er uiteindelijk iemand naar je toe gesloft komt met de vraag: “Kan ik u helpen ?”.  Maar dat is uitzonderlijk. Het is nochtans crisis. Er komt minder volk in de winkel, er wordt minder gekocht. Je zou denken dat een vriendelijk woordje, een smile dan toch zou ingezet worden als extra inspanning om een mogelijke klant zich goed te doen voelen.


In de US is dat dus anders. En ja, na twee weken wordt het voor ons, niet echt verwend dus op dat niveau, soms een beetje teveel van het goede. Maar ik heb nog altijd liever teveel klantvriendelijkheid dan te weinig.


In de Brand Imagineering adviezen die ik met klanten bespreek, kan ik niet genoeg de nadruk leggen op “klantgerichtheid”, “klantvriendelijkheid”. Of ze nu in een fysieke winkelruimte, aan de receptie of aan de telefoon moet gezien worden. Maakt niet uit.

Het is één van die actieterreinen waarop alle gesprekspartners zeggen dat het inderdaad belangrijk is, maar ongeveer iedereen een onvoldoende haalt. Ik heb een klant die het probleem reeds lang erkent, maar na 6 maanden moet de telefoon nog altijd minimum 10 keer overgaan voor iemand er de moeite neemt om op te nemen. Ik vraag me dan altijd af hoeveel bestellingen je zo misloopt.

Klantvriendelijkheid komt natuurlijk niet zomaar. Niet iedereen heeft het in zich om actief, werkelijk geïnteresseerd en met een smile op een potentiële klant af te gaan.  De bedrijfsleider, maar ook de marketing manager of  merkverantwoordelijke die er echt in gelooft, legt er de nadruk op bij zijn medewerkers, voorziet trainingssessies én beoordelingen.

In dat verband is onderstaand artikel erg interessant. Pret a Manger (UK broodjesketen) ziet klantvriendelijkheid als een core en onderscheidend bestanddeel van zijn concept.

Ik zie het, zeker in een context waar productdifferiëntiatie hoe langer hoe moeilijker wordt of vol te houden is, als een cruciale tool en must have aandachtspunt in  het creëren van de brand personality. En dus een belangrijk Brand Imagineering actieterrein.

Pret a Manger wants happy employees, and that’s OK - Bill Taylor

Last week, the front page of the New York Times carried an in-depth report on a “broad and transformative trend” in Russia. It had nothing to do with more democracy or less corruption. It had to do with better customer service — specifically, an intense focus inside Aeroflot, the infamous Russian airline, to teach flight attendants how to smile.

“Anna, you just showed her the champagne bottle but didn’t say anything,” one instructor coaxed a young employee. “This is the silent service of Soviet times. You need to talk to her. And you need to smile and smile and smile.”

I found two things about the report especially noteworthy. First, these basic reminders are having a revolutionary impact at Aeroflot. According to the Times, customer surveys indicate that the airline now has the best service of any carrier in Eastern Europe, including the best the West has to offer.

Second, Aeroflot’s program comes at a time when the business culture in the United States seems to be questioning the importance, the value, even the authenticity of human-to-human connections. In an era of cutthroat competition, deep-seated cynicism, and the digital disruption of everything, does it make sense to make big bets on the power of small acts of kindness?

A case in point — the recent, and rather bizarre, explosion of snide, almost contemptuous, media accounts on the success of Pret a Manger, the fast-growing (323 stores around the world), fast-casual sandwich shop, and its unapologetic commitment to developing a workforce that is bright, cheerful, and happy to keep smiling.

One distinctive part of the Pret offering is its wide variety of fresh (yet pre-made) sandwiches. This model allows the company to get customers in and out of the store in as little as 60 seconds — a true value for harried office workers, its target customers. But Pret wants that brief time to be filled with smiles, positive energy, and a genuine human connection, especially for repeat customers. CEO Clive Schlee calls it the Pret Buzz, and the company has identified a set of Pret Behaviors to create the Buzz and an in-depth training program to instill those behaviors.

“The staff manual tells staff to ‘use personal phrases that you are comfortable with and treat customers as if they are guests in your own home,’” a report in London’s Telegraph newspaper explains. “This is nothing so glib as a ‘Have a nice day’ culture; this is a philosophy that runs much deeper.”

It’s also a philosophy that has attracted loud critics on both sides of the Atlantic. The first attack came from the London Review of Books, which objected to the idea that Pret employees should be expected to do more than just provide competent service at a reasonable price. “Work increasingly isn’t, or isn’t only, a matter of producing things, but of supplying your energies, physical and emotional, in the service of others,” the essay complained. “It isn’t what you make, but how your display of feelings makes other feel.”

Then came an assault by Timothy Noah of The New Republic, who offered a withering critique of the “emotional labor” and “enforced happiness” that is at the heart of the Pret model. The essay began with a lament (tongue-in-cheek, I hope) about how Noah had come to believe that a young woman behind the counter at his local Pret was in love with him. “How else to explain her visible glow whenever I strolled into the shop for a sandwich or a latte?” he asked. “Then I realized she lit up for the next person in line, and the next. Radiance was her job.”

Noah then generalizes from his personal disappointment. “Why must the person who sells me a cheddar and tomato sandwich have ‘presence’ and ‘create a sense of fun’?” he wonders. “Why can’t he or she be doing it ‘just for the money’? I don’t expect the swiping of my credit card to be anybody’s vocation. This is, after all, the economy’s bottom-most rung.”

That’s a serious question, to which I’d offer three serious answers.

First, I find it odd, and more than a bit condescending, to think that entry-level customer-service jobs should be performed with a grim sense of duty and barebones competence. It’s better for customers — and, I’d argue, for employees as well — to be part of an experience that is built around good cheer and personal expression rather than grit teeth and furrowed brows. That’s why flying on Southwest Airlines still seems like such a one-of-a-kind experience (for flight attendants and passenger alike), and why Aeroflot is flying high these days.

To be sure, and this is my second answer, the Pret experience is not for everybody. That’s why Pret evaluates job applicants based on how well their personal attributes map to the company’s core behaviors, and assigns them trial runs at a shop, after which current employees vote on whether to extend newcomers a full-time offer. Every truly distinctive workplace I’ve encountered makes it clear to all concerned: If you don’t fit, it’s going to be hard for you to commit.

Finally, the lessons being learned by Aeroflot, and the model being perfected by Pret a Manger, speak to a deeper shift going on in the economy and society. At a time of vast and troubling uncertainty, in a world that is being reshaped by technology, small acts of connection take on outsized importance. It’s strange to think that a winning smile from a cashier or a flight attendant, or a nod of recognition from an employee who has seen you three times that week, might matter to the person receiving it — or to the person doing it. But I believe it does matter, both in terms of creating better human experiences and building more valuable organizations.

I’m convinced that “emotional labor” will become a more important part of the job at companies that win big in the future — and that’s a development that makes me smile.


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